Tuesday, November 15, 2011

fact bout me on 2009...

i dun exactly remember i ever done this years ago...muahahaha, untill one of my fb's friend comment..so it is appear again...cam tak percaya pulak aku pernah tulis '25 things & facts about me'...hahahaha...i wonder if i'm still the same person as mentioned in dat notes..

okay here we go..i just copy & paste the notes from my fb...hehehehehe...

1.where to begin ahh?coz never doing tis..errmm..myb we can start with my real name..RABIATUL AINI..it is arabic words..which is means '4 eyes'.. 
2.when christmas come,dats mean i'm getting older..huhu..but for me age is just a number..most important..my heart always younger..whoahaha.. 
3.I'm not morning person..dats y always look serious in the morning..but no worries this situation will not last long..its happen juuuuuuuuust early in the morning..not whole day..although serious but i'm okay actually..hehehehe... 
4.I'm a coffee drinker since i was in highschool..my fave drinks definitely Nescafe..(Original & Latte) but lately...addicted to Oldtown whote coffee (hazelnuts)..sometimes,i love Hot Chocolate ..whuissh.. 
5.I'm a fan of TV..my mom always thank to God coz we dont have an astro..wakakaka..if not, myb i will stick in front of tv all the time watch all my favourite drama & movies..*sigh* u guys know la kan..ASTRO!! 
5.Very obvious..I love Korean, Japanese & Taiwanese drama series..although not really understand their language..no worries!! all got subtittle maaa..hehe 
6.I enjoy listening to all type of music from korean, Japanese & taiwanese entertainment.Xcept BALLADS!! its make me easily fall asleep..but lately i start to love classical music..myb got influence fom Nodame Cantabille & Beethoven Virus..I thiiiiiiiiink.. *sigh* 
7.I love anime very much..absolutely addicted..!! sometimes i dont really care how much i have to spend buying the dvds..pijam mata jak..most important..happy..whoahaha crazy me!! ;p 
8.I love reading manga..xpecially Death Note..all the plots make me really admire Obata Takeshi & Oba Tsugumi..thy're so creative..hihi 
9.I love reading novels..!! Nicholas Sparks..Rosie Goodwin..Sheila O'Flanagan..Ahadiat Akashah..Sharifah Abu Salem is my Favourite novelis. I can put 4 stars out of 5 for their novels.. 
10.I can spend my 12hours just reading novels..it is annoyed my mom very much..*sigh* 
11.I love sports..Xpecially Netball..but sda lama x main oo..really miss tis game.. 
12.I love food & I love to eeeeeat..haha it's natural maa..Tomyam..double cheese burger..& blueberry cake is on the top of my list...heheheheh 
13.MP3 is my best friend...*wink* 
14.If I was given a chance..I wish I can go to Chungsan-do and Bigeum-do..coz there is a huuuuuuuge flowery valley and Heart-shaped Hanuneom beach..I saw it in Spring Waltz..and i fell in love at 1st sight with dat place..kuang3x 
15.And If I was born rich..without hesitate I will travel to Vallensole Plateu..haha..kalah angan2 mat Jenin atas pokok kelapa.. 
16.I Love Lavender & White Lilies..myb bcz of dat..i really like purple,white pink colour..and as for perfume..i Love Vanile scent.. 
17.I love to dance but not dancing under the moonlight arr..hahaha.. 
18.I always believe life is a myterious..we will never know wats gonna happen to us in future.. 
19.I easily pissed off wit ppl who simply judge me without knowing me better.. 
20.sometimes i become a bit rascal ..syyyhhh..huahahaha..but no worries..evrything still under control..hehe 
21.I quickly regret for some decision i made..its happen sometimes and I hate myself for dat... 
22.I can spend an hour to buy clothes..but 3 hours to buy a novel..too choosy when comes to novels 
..ish3x..(geleng kepala) 
23.music help me to focus..like every melody bring me a lot of ideas..dats my bad habits since i was in college..but for sure tis habit would never be a bad influence to my work..like some ppl tots..hehe jeng..jeng..jeng...and when i'm focus on my work..i'll be look serious and silent.. 
24.Favourite artists??..i like yamapi..Dean Fujioka Tatsuo..Kamenashi Kazuya..Shimizu Shaota..Ueta Aya..Jay Chou..JJ Lin and many more..but not that obsessive laa..i just like them bcz of their talents..intelligent & personality..*sigh* hehe 
25. I appreciate all friends in my life..and i always wish them all the best and may God bless them all..hope they will find their happiness..and live happily ever after..amiiiin...


Ibumadeeha said...

macam masih sama lagi tu.. hehehe

sapphire said...

muahahaha..btul ba BY??..ekekeke...tpi no.5 tu cam tukar sda tu..

No.5 pasal astro..hahaha..now my laptop & Broadband more important than ASTRO...hahahahaha...bule donlod..ASTRO selalu lambat 2 episode..hehehe

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